A Kindergarten Lottery Evaluation of Core Knowledge Charter Schools: Should Building General Knowledge Have a Central Role in Educational and Social Science Research and Policy?

This experimental study explores the long-term effects of attending charter schools teaching the Core Knowledge curriculum (CK-charter) on student achievement. The Core Knowledge curriculum, spanning K-8, aims to enhance students' general knowledge about the world. It is hypothesized to boost reading comprehension and achievement in Reading/English-LA. The authors analyze 14 oversubscribed kindergarten lotteries across nine such charter schools for the 2009-10 or 2010-11 school years in middle/high-income districts in Colorado. The outcomes studied include state achievement data for 3rd-6th grade Reading/English-LA and Mathematics, and for 5th grade Science. Findings suggest positive impacts of the Core Knowledge curriculum on student outcomes, emphasizing its potential role in educational research and policy.

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