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Curt Cronister

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Curt Cronister is a Senior Research Data Manager affiliated with the Baltimore Education Research Consortium (BERC) at the Johns Hopkins School of Education. He is seasoned data analyst with over eight years of experience in data management and analysis at Stanford and Northwestern, as well as for-profit companies like SunAmerica, Morningstar, and United Educators. Cronister has over 20 years’ experience organizing original data sources, developing associated data dictionaries and creating data collection, storage, retrieval and analytic systems. He is also proficient using mapping software and is currently enrolled in the Master of Applied Science in Spatial Analysis to improve the use of neighborhood and community measures to add context to BERC’s ongoing research. Cronister received his B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Notre Dame.

Senior Research Data Manager, Baltimore Education Research Consortium

Johns Hopkins University

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